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Affordable Software Solutions for Paperless Business Transactions
and Efficient Long-term Document Archiving

FileMark® is a leading provider of software, integration and professional services for imaging and document management, computer output archiving, transactional document processing and records management. We enable you to automatically capture, classify, store, retrieve, route, process and manage all forms of business information. FileMark specializes in paperless accounts payable and accounts receivable transaction processing, remote document submission and long-term document archiving, with the ability to seamlessly integrate the data from your line-of-business applications.

SMARTi Enterprise is an integrated document processing system that combines the latest technologies of imaging, workflow, office document archiving, report archiving (COLD) and records management into a single Web-enabled application. Our low-cost, document solutions allow you to get more work done faster, with fewer people, higher quality and less paper. Your documents are captured, automatically indexed and securely archived into your own local computer system. Our software is available for outright purchase or as a risk-free monthly Software as a Service (SaaS).

SMARTi Document Submission Archive is an unattended online repository service for archiving and retrieval of time-sensitive documents via eMail, fax or MFP scanners. Applications include remote document submission for loan origination, student aid qualification, tax preparation, estate planning, legal discovery, ad hoc eMail archiving and paperless invoice processing. (See Graphic).

SMARTi COLD Add-on for ECM. Virtually all of today’s best selling Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems offer Report Management (COLD) functionality. But many of the newer vendors entering the ECM market do not offer COLD at all. Others offer simple ASCII COLD but cannot capture advanced PCL, PDF, Postscript, IBM AFP or Xerox Metacode print formats. FileMark is a pioneer and an expert in COLD technology. We have been deploying departmental COLD solutions for end users for over twenty years. Today, FileMark COLD technology can be used to extend the functionality of any ECM system. Our add-on component pricing is much more affordable than that of a standalone COLD system. FileMark also offers optional Dynamic Report Transformation to reformat and enhance computer output, on the fly, for persuasive marketing applications. Makes ugly printing look pretty. FileMark partnership relationships are flexible - several different programs are available to meet your needs, regardless of whether you sell software or provide SaaS to your clients. You can specify exactly what type and level of component functionality you need and we will integrate our components with your ECM, ERP or HIS system. (See Graphic).

SMARTi Repository Add-on for TransPromo. TransPromo refers to a transaction document that contains one or more promotional messages positioned alongside essential transactional information. These documents use the white space within billing documents, statements, explanations of benefits, notifications, and other transactional documents to deliver targeted marketing messages with full color imagery and/or highlight color text. FileMark offers secure web-based repository and email notification software for end-to-end TransPromo solutions. All transactional documents are automatically converted to PDF format and indexed into a database and text search engine for instant web-based retrieval via URL links embedded in email messages.

FileMark was founded in 1989 and has a proven track record of delivering cost-effective, enterprise-scale document solutions for Manufacturing, Wholesale Distribution, Financial Services, Healthcare, Local Government and Higher Education end users and ISV OEMs.

"The SMARTi document management system was simple to set up and the easiest to use. It integrated with our business applications right out of the box. The built-in workflow was up and running in one day and the total cost for the system easily fit within our budget."

"SMARTi’s superior multi-level security ensures that the information can only be accessed and viewed by the correct individuals."

"SMARTi is simple to use and intuitive. Even people who are not computer  literate can use the software –  simply point and click."

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